Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 94 Wed 29/09 - Lijiang 麗江 to Tiger Leaping Gorge 虎跳峡镇

Today Distance :79.7 km              Total : 4865.1 km
Today Weather : 18-34C              Sunny blue sky
Time On Bike   : 4 hr  45 min
Ave Speed       : 16.7 kmh             Max : 60.5 kmh
Ave Climb        : 3 %                     Max : 11 %
Trip Altitude     : 708 m                  Max : 2561 m
Today Spend   : 82 rmb                Total : 1912.5 rmb

Time to say goodbye to this beautiful and romantic town of Lijiang. We had to take the same way back to the main road of G214 which is 35 km, the difference this time is Downhill 9 km. Same scenery but we still had a good stopover at the old temple for the 2nd time, also taking the time for the rims to cool down a bit before we continued to roll down to the junction. Had our lunch there and continue riding along the valley where the Jinsha River flow 金沙江( same river as Changjiang river ). The scenery is pretty much the same, with the Jinsha river and Yulong Snow mountain on our right. On both sides of the road where lots of wild colourful flowers grown,absolute beauty with the blowing wind. The weather is good and the road is excellent, so both of us were in high spirits to end the day in yet another tourist spot of Hutiaxiazhen or Tiger Leaping Gorge town. Surprisingly the hotel here is cheap and clean for 50rmb, of course we avoided the pricey grand looking tourist hotel at the entrance of the town.
                  Baked roti naan 2 flavors either sweet or salted meat inside
                                                   Siaw Jin and me in high spirit

                                            Good weather and excellent road
                           2nd time stopover at the old temple. This time downhill
                                       Looking out from the inside at the entrance
                                                          The valley down
                                                          Siaw Jin taking the downhill
                                     Closer look down at the village houses
                                                  One of the bends down
                                     Short pine trees grown over the mountain
                                            Siaw Jin taking photos at one of the bends

                                          Tourist view point at the Jinsha River

                            Gateway to the Tiger Leaping Gorge still 21km away
                                  Entrance to the Haba Snow mountain 5396m
                                                    Bridge over the Jinsha River
                                                       Deqen province welcome gate

    Blowing road side flowers with the snow capped Yulong Snow mountain backdrop
                                     The signboard read - Blue moon valley
                                            Another species of decorative flower
                                            Siaw Jin - a great admirer for flower

  At this junction where the Jinsha river flows into the Gorge at the far end near the building
                             Our night stopover. Tomorrow plan to explore the Gorge
                             Grand tourist Hotel , certainly not for tour cyclists
                        These sort of accomodation is what the cyclist look for
                                              Double bedroom with tv and hot shower (50rmb)