Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 81 Thu 16/09 - Moody Rest Day in Ping Bian

Today Weather : 21 - 28C    misty cold Today Spend : 52 rmb    Total : 236.5 rmb

My mood was low and the motivation to ride was just not there, as I woke up to a very cold and misty morning. Went out for breakfast in search for some informations on the road ahead, bad news that the roads to Mengzi  ( S206/S235) which is 77km away, was in terrible shape and currently under major repair, is definately a no no for bicycle. I can imagine in this rainy spell, how the yellow sticky mud will stick to my front and rear tires, especially irritating is at the V-brakes,causing serious damage to the rim walls, and eventually jam up the bike, and thru' past experiences,pushing your heavily loaded bike in the mud, is no fun at all. Maybe the only exception are those hardcore off road mtbers! Taking bus to Kunming seems to be the only way out. Later went to internet cafe, bad news again to discover that blogspot is banned in China, ask around for solution, but no one know how to crack the ban. Check my mailbox, my brother is asking me to go back Betong to attend his son's marriage on 11th Oct. With all these "not so good news" happenings, I went back to my room for a good rest of mind, and hopefully by the time I wake up, I know what I am going to do.

                                                                     Street of Ping Bian
Street of Ping Bian
                                      Picture taken on the way to Golden Triangle in Thailand