Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 07 Mon 04/07 - Langu to Trang

Today Distance : 104.7 km             Total Distance : 509.4 km

Today's Temp : 28 - 38c
Average Speed : 20 kmh                 max: 54
Time On Bike : 5 hr 13mins
Average Climb : 2%                        max: 10%
Total Altitude : 350 m                      max: 85 m
Today's Spending : 520 baht      Total: 913 baht

It's another day of hot weather,the highest temp recorded in my cyclometer is 38c, the heat was so unbearable that we had to make frequent stop for shade and refill our water bottles.Luckily on this stretch of route 404/406 no steep hills to climb,mostly were short rolling small hills not more than 85m in height.With my full loaded recumbent, to takle the rolling hills,I usually try to build up the momentum at the downhill stage and maintain it to go over, but this only work for short hill. For long hill , I will take it slowly with my 24 teeth front granny and slowly brings it down on the rear cassette.The slowest speed without my bike falling is 4.5kmh. We started our ride 8.30am and arrived in Trang 4.30pm today.Towns that we passed are:Thung Wa,Pian,Yan Ta Khao , Sensing we have plenty of time to reach Trang, we took a well earned nap for 1 hour at a rest hut with yellow zine rooftop commonly seen on Thai roads. A really good place to rest and get cool when you laid your whole tired body on the long wooden plank.We checked into Sri Trang hotel situated just opposite the railway station which was recomemded by a friend of Brent.An old double story building built in 1952 and operated by Hainanese.We opted for the fan room with attached bathroom and a balcony for 500 baht. At night , there is a night market in front of the railway station with food stalls and live band pub and cafe. We really have our hungry stomuchs full and satisfied with grilled fish,bbq chicked ,fried veges and a plate full of carboloading rice.

                                   You will not miss the Thai king portrait in towns
            With the locals at the tea stop , the beautiful Ying and her mother     
                      Another rest stop in a sundry shop for a cold drink
                 Brent with his solar panel installed to charge up his iPhone

                                         Passing thru' the God of many zebras
The rest hut commonly seen on the roads in Thailand ,Spacious with long wooden plank
                     With Yellow rooftop .Don't miss it if you plan cycling in Thailand
                                                            Street in Trang
                                    That's our Sri Trang hotel built since 1952
                                        Wide ,big ,clean room for 500 baht

Day 06 Sat 03/07 - Kangar (Malaysia) to Langu ( Thailand)

Today Distance : 110.1 km            Total Distance : 404.7 km

Today's Temp : 25 - 36c
Average Speed : 18.9 kmh             max: 51.0
Time On Bike : 5 hr 49 mins
Average Climb : 4%                       max: 16%
Total Altitude : 490 m                    max: 311 m
Today's Spending : rm 7.60    393 baht   Total: rm 193.5 /  bath 393

For the 1st time,we were able to start off early at 7.20am. The weather looks good and refreshing,no sign of rain coming as we rode out from Kangar town ( no bigger than Kuala kangsar ). Still on route 7 following the signboard showing Padang Besar, on the road more greenery with lots of secondary forest.Also limestone hills are many which lies the famous Gua Kelam,undoubtedly the most popular attraction in Perlis. The mountains loom from far in the direction we are heading,so there is a need to conserve energy and not pump out too early, for takling the hill later. We had chosen this way to enter Thailand via Wang Kelian instead of the busy Padang Besar,firstly it has less traffic,2ndly we wanted to test our fully loaded bikes and lastly our ownself climbability. And mind you it was indeed a good experience on this Wang Kelian monster hill, a climb of 311m over 2 km stretch of 16% steep gradient. Road cyclists from the locals can be seen on their regular practise. Thai vehicles and motocycles also passing up and down on both directions. The downhill was equally steep and winding dangerously,I was rather cautious and only recorded a speed of 51 kmh. By 12 noon,we were at the border where as malaysian ,I was given 30 days visa but Brent was not so lucky only got 14 days . Brent will have a daunting task to get to Bangkok to renew. From the border , we follow the one and only route 4148 , a secondary road to the more busy main route 416. At Khuan Don , we changed our ringgit to Thai baht at a rate of Rm 1 to 9.8 baht. And also we save one hour in time from Malaysia to Thailand. With a hot sun, we continue to push on although Brent was prepared to look for a place to stay,but I managed to convince him until we reached Langu which is only 12 km northeast of Pak bera,a fishing village , but we were too exhausted to even thinking riding there.Langu , a very laidback small quiet town as compared to Trang and Krabi. Imagine as we rode pass the whole street , we were not able to see a signboard for hotel. At last ,the help from the locals kindly leads us to a very hidden " resort" . A very good room indeed with aircon and attached bathroom for 350 baht. Tonight I miss the world cup match between Argentina and Germany.

                                               On the way to Wang Kelian on route 7
                                            BBQ taliapia but too early to have a try
                       Brent with his traileron the scenic R15 before the monster climb to Wang Kelian
                             Taking a rest on the climb while Thai motocycles on their way down
                                               Locals road cyclists on their way up
                                                A malay stall after the downhill
                                                         At the Thai side of the border
                                       One of the many escort with theirs motobikes

          It's nice to stop for a cool coke for 12 baht. The front big bottles is the petrol

                         Our " resort room " in Langu  with a garage to park our bikes
                                         A Thai muslim lady making the roti canai
                                                  See only know good