Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 01 Mon 28/6 - Kuala Kangsar to Penang Island

Today Distance : 134 km        Total Distance : 134 km
Today's Temp   : 30 - 33c
Average Speed : 20.8 kmh      max: 56.0
Time On Bike   : 6 hr 25 mins
Average Climb : 2%                max: 6%
Total Altitude : 284 m              max: 176 m
Today's Spending : rm 28.10   Total: rm 28.10

Woke up early at 6am to adark morning,surprisingly I saw a full moon and few little stars . The ground is still wet after an heavy evening downpour.My sister already busy in the kitchen preparing my breakfast of fried mee hun and a cup of hot milo drink.Sharp at 7am I was already hit the road rather cautiously due to the wet road and also was fully loaded. I choose to ride pass the town center but quite disappointed not to meet up with anyone I know,guess most are still sleeping soundly.Shortly after Padang Ranges,I hit my 1st 100m climb of with a 6% gradient . Not much of a problem as i roll down to the entrance of Taiping later for a quick rest stop. Basically I am following route 1 with less traffic and mostly flat all the way to Butterworth. By noon , the sun is getting hot and again have a light lunch stop in Bagan serai. From Parit Buntar,the traffic started to get heavy on bumpy narrow road .Reached Butterworth at 3.30pm ,following the motor lane and onto the ferry for a 20min ride to Penang Island. The fare for bicycle is Rm 1.40. Brent , my riding partner appeared 4.30pm after I waited for 30min in a chinese coffee shop with a plate of Penang famous fied  kuew tiew. We cycled together to a bike kafe only to find it was closed . While waiting for his fren Anne at 7pm, we had teh tarik in a mamak stall near Gurney Drive to discuss our bike trip. By 7.30pm we rode to Anne's rented condo where I will put up 3 nights.Thanks Anne!! Thanks also to Ming Kat and wife Eureka to drive all the way from Bukit Mertajam to meet me for dinner/supper.

                                 Ready to go from my sister house in Karai,Kuala Kangsar

                                                               My first taste of schooling here

                                       My secondary school very much remain the same

                                                    Out of town ,on my way to Penang

                                     Scenic view of the limestone hill near Padang Ranges

                                                           Towns that I will pass on route 1

                                     Colourful statue at the rooftop of an Hindu temple

                                            Resting under a flyover near Butterworth

    I thought this is the Penang bridge as bicycle is not allowed. but later found that this flyover is leading to  the ferry.

                                    View from the flyover. Background is the Penang bridge.

                                              Fighting for space with the motorists on the ferry.

                                                                        Oil tanker from Panama

                              Dinner cum supper get together at the Gurney Drive hawker stall
From right :  Anne -  French environmentlist working for ngo in Penang, Ming Kat -from Bukit Mertajam drove to meet me , Brent - New Zelander  sofeware engineer ,my riding partner. Me the bentrider and Eureka wife of Ming Kat.

Day 0 Sun 27/06 - A little about my hometown Kuala Kangsar

Kuala Kangsar located 50km north of Ipoh and 32km north of Taiping,is the royal town where the Perak sultan's palace stands majesticaly in Bukit Chandan. A state Mosque and Muzuem also located there with a view on the scenic Perak river. Two bridges: the historical Iskandar bridge was built 1932 surviving the 2nd WW on route 1 from Ipoh to KK and the new bridge connecting from Parit to the water front, The new bridge comes to live at night when lighted up. The famous Malay College where only the rich and famous royal families entitle to study. The historical landmark is non other than the clock tower roundabout where i used to play hide & seek during kid's time. The chinese Tsung Wah primary and secondary school. Nowadays ,Kuala Kangsar started to attract masalleh tourists and a tourist information center was built near the roundabout with lots of beautiful decorations of flowers and plants around the town. You can even spot an American jet fighter Skyhawk. This is definately a good place to relex and enjoy life in a slow lane!

          Iskandar Bridge built year 1932 survivng second WW connecting Ipoh to KK on route 1

                                        World largest - Labu famous handicraft of KK

                                    KK historical landmark clock tower roundabout

Imagination runs wild - Skyhawk landed in KK

                                                                      The new bridge

                                                         The royal square fountain

                                      Scenic Kangsar river I used to catch fish and swim naked

                                                    State mosque in Bukit Chandan

                                           Sultan's Palace view from the road outside

                                                         Calling from KK to London

                                      Sunday morning market near the water front

                                                               The old palace

A note of apprieciation to TTK for this tent