Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 41 Sat 07/08 -Chiang Saen to Chiang Khong

Today Distance : 59.9 km      Total : 2526.6 km
Today Temp : 28 - 38 C
Time on Bike : 4 hr  26 min
Ave Speed : 13.5 kmh          Max : 65.0 kmh
Ave Climb : 5%                    Max : 17%
Trip Altitude : 703 m             Max : 748 m
Today Spend : 478 baht        Total : 19758 baht

The thought of an easy ride along the Mekong river, unexpectedly turn out to be a tough one. A distance of 53 km from Chiang Saen to Chiang Khong, I counted not 1 or 2 but 6 monster climbs along with several roll over slopes.This tough ride brought back my memory on B2P's  ride in the coastal road of Black Sea in Turkey , where you climb for 100-150m in altitude to the top,and then you were down to the bottom of a village,a few turns here and there,you were up again and this cycle repeated several times. How I wish to have another gear,but again the question - Can the recumbent still stands at a speed of 2.0 kmh??? My current slowest speed is 3 kmh without falling.To answer the Q, I leave it to my recumbent specialist to scratch his head. Finally after a series of ups and downs,I arrived in Chiang Khong at 1.20pm after having started at 7.30 am.As usual,plenty of times to hunt for guest house,plenty of them I saw when I passed the town. The Tamila guest house recommended by Jew and Narong asked for 350 baht ( wonder why friends all like to recommend expensive one ). I could easily saw many guest house advertised room for 100 baht. At Baan Fai,a big room for 150. But the internet here charged 30 baht an hour,ridiculus!! so far usually I paid 10-20 baht.
Simple convenient truck for workers transportation

Entrance to one of the hill tribe village

Surprise to see rubber plantation here

Start one of the 6 monster climbs

Too long... need to rest
One of the descent,but more ups coming
Bamboo houses along the way
Nearing one of the top climbs shooting this picture on bike
Chiang Khong is near
Evening foods stall in town
vegetables and fruits stall
Trucks fom Thai/Laos crossing the river
Baan Fai Guest house
Big room 150 baht
Visit to the bike shop