Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 93 Tue 28/09 - Half Day Visit to the Ancient city of Lijiang 丽江古镇

Today Weather : 17 - 28C      Sunny with cool breeze
Today Spend : 413 rmb             Total : 1830.5 rmb

Today we went to look for a recommended bike shop in town. What i need is to replace the worn out derailleur which has been bordering me since Luangprabang in Laos. This time i am lucky the shop has a similar spare to replace for 200 rmb,cheap! For Siaw Jin, he bought a pair of front pannier with rack, so that he can distribute his luggage more evenly. I also bought a bottle of chain lubricant ( white lightning ). Thru the friendly owner of the shop , he recommended a cushion shop to repair my battled seat where many of the stitches and staplers came off , for free ( refuse to let me pay ). We hanged around at the bike shop until 5 pm and went back to the hotel for a short rest. There is nothing much you can do in the town centre except rows of eatery shops and restaurants. So we took a cab to where the tourists go - The ancient city of Lijiang, about 5-6km away. A truely fantastic old town decorated by lots of real flowers with its very old tiny wooden shop lots, pilling on both sides of the cobblestone walkway. At night, the romantic light of many red lanterns were hanging just about every corners. We had a great dinner in one of the restaurant and later went up to the highest point to have a birdeye view of the night scenery. Thanks to my ride partner Siaw Jin.

                                           Happy to had my worn out deraileur replaced
                                                           Dahon folding bikes
                                                            Wide selection of mtbs
                                          Giant stone scuplture at the entrance
                     UNESCO site officiated by the then Chinese premier Jiangzeming
                                          A place to visit for lovers, cyclists also no problem

                                          Cobblestone walkway to the top
                                Traditional Naxi cultural dance in Four-corners square
                                                       Tourists join in the fun

                              It is the Naxi lettering on top row that caught my attention
                                 Siew Jin taught me how to take this shot at the night scene