Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 33 Fri 30/07 - A Costly Lesson to Learn

Today Spending : 2353 baht      Total : 15765 baht

Yes! Cycle touring I should say is fun most of the time,travelling lots of places,meeting nice friendly people,getting invited for free stay,lunches, dinners etc....etc....but there are times,you need to be strong to face the unexpected hiccups,that can ruin your tour prematurely.In a way, no one is perfect,things can go wrong.After all,life is a continual learning process,never can it be flat and smooth all the times.As you crosses the hurdles one after another,It makes you a better person,both physically and mentally.Ok coming back to the subject of costly lesson. I was shock to discover that my Thai visa is actually expiring on 1st of Aug and not what I thought all this while on the 7th.I guess the Thai border post in Wang Kelian also partly to be blame for using a badly worn out rubber stamp.The number "1" very much looks like "7" that causing the whole problem.Ended up,I had to rush out to the immigration office to make an extension as tomorrow is Saturday,the office is close. Spend about 3 hr managed to get a one week extension for a costly fee of 1900 baht.In a way,if you look at it positively,I considered myself lucky to detect the problem earlier,and  even more lucky i am still in Chiang Mai to get the extension done. Tomorrow may be another surprise as one of the warnshower cyclist will come and pick me up to stay in the mountain somewhere in Pai about 100 km north of Chiang mai.
The wornout rubber stamp that cause me 1,900 baht (top) Did the "1" looks like "7"? Bottom stamp is the extension
                                                                    Wat Lok Molee

"With me around,who dares to make troubles"

Another corner of Wat Molee

Never get lost with this

Inter Inn 100 baht in Chiang Mai

Wat Dokeung

Young monk on their morning alms

Sweet Thai students

Three Kings Monument

Young monks start early on Buddhism
Just like our school assemly