Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 82 Fri 17/09 - Ping Bian Bus to Kunming Eastern Bus Station

Today Weather : 24 - 30C     Sunny Blue Sky
Today Spend : 201.5 rmb       Total : 438.0 rmb

I had made up my mind last night to take the bus to Kunming, and also replied to my brother that I won't be joining him on his son's marriage, since I am already halfway thru' the journey but I promise to personally congrads' him on my return. The bus station is just a stone throw distance from the hotel, so it makes things a lot easier when you have many bags and a bike to go with the bus. The ticket cost 106 yuan and the driver asked for additional 30 yuan for the bike, which is quite reasonable ( normally is half the ticket cost ). The bus left sharply at 8.10am with only 5-6 pax but along the way pick up more passengers, soon all the seats were full, and then some were sitting on the passage way with stools provided. As I am sitting just next to the driver, I am able to struck up a conversation with him on the road condition to Kunming. The government is currently building a new road to replace the old road which is really in bad shape. The focus is no doubt on the new road with very little maintenance on the old road. Certain stretches of new road is completed but drivers dare not use them as heavy fine will be imposed if caught. So all the drivers had no choice but risk getting their vehicles stuck or held up in a jam on this old road. From the town of Mengzi where the bad roads ended and replacing is the excellent smooth highway,all the way to Kunming Eastern Bus Station. By the time the bus arrived it was already 6 pm and not knowing how far more to the city, I quickly setup the bike and headed straight to the only hotel in the station . A little pricey room for 60 yuan, nevertheless I was satisfied with the very big ,clean room with a tempting looking bathtub.
                                                               Picture taken inside the bus
                                                                         Muddy roads
          Imagine I will be riding on this terrible roads, if I think like a superman
                                            Bus got stuck in the mud ( not the one I am taking)
                                                             Lorries transporting the earth
                                            Bus queueing up for the front truck to pass
     Heavy loaded truck passing after the bulldozer has just clear the landslide

Workers use rocks to build the side wall and drainage before the road proper.
                                            Kunming eastern bus depot viewed from my room
                                                                Front parking space
City bus station
                                                     Room for 60 yuan. Big and clean
                                                                 What a wonderful world.....