Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 80 Wed 15/09 - Jinsha He Homestay to Ping Bian

Today Distance : 52.0 km         Total : 4152.7 km
Today Weather : 20 - 28C      Cooling
Time On Bike : 6 hr 26 min
Ave Speed : 8.0 kmh      Max : 47.0 kmh
Ave Climb : 4%      Max : 18%
Trip Altitude : 1423 m       Max : 1482 m
Today Spend : 53.5 rmb      Total : 184.5 rmb

A very tough ride today. The 1st 17 km was easy and relax. The monster climb started from the town of Bai He Jiaw and lasted for 30 km, from a low of 250m , cranking at an average speed of 8 kmh, to a max height of almost 1500m, the reward is the stunning mountains scenery, looking back to the bottom valley, a sense of achievement in you that you had battled all the way up, not with any motorised vehicles but human powered muscles! As you slowly moves higher and higher, the mountain mist came at intervals depending where the wind blows,  the mist is so thick you hardly can see the front and at times the mist is gone just as quickly as it appeared. The temperature also drops to a cool 20c where I had to put on my windbreaker. No big downhill after the highest point as Ping Bian is located at a high altitude of 1300m. What greeted me was a terrible 400m downhill stretch of muddy unsealed road under repair before arriving the town of Ping Bian. I had to wash clean all the muds from the bike at the bus station with a big water hose outside, before I was allowed to push my bike up the hotel.

Hard to say goodbye....
Love the scenery
Town of Bai He Jiaw where the monster climb stars...
Smoke on the ...Water and Mountain
You will never get bored...
Harvested bananas ready for the market

                                                                          What a view...

                                                   Sorry...sorry....if I had offended ....
                                                Hardworking donkey but do they have a choice?
                                                                     Village at the hillslope
                                                          Terrace paddie field view from the top
                                                  Thick mist came in a sudden with low visibility
Road repair under heavy mist

                                                                    First sight of Ping Bian
400m muddy road  before Ping Bian
                                            Water irrigation concrete piping right into the town
                                            30 yuan hotel just beside the bus station
                                                     View of Ping Bian street from the hotel
Drying of bike and cloth at the 3 rd floor