Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 35 Sun 01/08 - A Hilly Ride in Maesae and Visit to Pong Dueat Geyser

Today Distance :  40.0 km    Total : 2093.9 km
Today Temp : 22 - 30 C
Today Spend : 135 baht        Total : 15915 baht

Jew kept to her word to accompany me riding to the Geyser this morning. She was not sure whether she is fit to complete the ride to and flo. But her determination saw her thru' as she slowly but steadily pedalled her way up the steep mountain. This is in fact her first time she has done it on her bike, the last time she visited the Geyser was with her family members in a car. She was so PROUD of her achievement that she started calling everyone on her Mobile phone. She even thanked me for given her lots of encouragement and some advices on gear shifting when tackling uphill and downhill. She was very interested to try on my recumbent,so on a flat ground,she tested a few rounds and immediately felt in love with it.I too was surprise that she could ride it so confidently without fear and my guidance. She might be thinking of getting one soon. Our ride started at 8.15 am and completed at 2.10 pm. Six hours of ride in 40 km including rest stop. Althought we were soak with the rain on our way back. We were very happy especially Jew, the reward for me is - A big oven baked pizza of vegetables and salted fish personally prepared by Jew.
Ready for the morning ride to Geyser Pong Dueat

Smiling Jew on her bike

Entrance to the Geyser 6.5 km

Road to the geyser,many pot holes

Reached the check point, free being guest of local Jew,save me 200 baht


The Geyser

Public pool

Private pool

Swimming pool

Big climb on the way back

View point

more photos of Jew
"Jalor gemilang" taking a sharp bent
Jew love baking and also part time for toothpaste advertisement (just kidding)
My reward for bringing joy and happiness to Jew. Left one is mine with salted fish