Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 05 Fri 02/07 - Sg Petani to Kangar

Today Distance : 109.5 km               Total Distance : 294.6 km

Today's Temp : 25 - 35c
Average Speed : 21.8 kmh                max: 36.5
Time On Bike : 5 hr 04 mins
Average Climb : 1%                          max: 4%
Total Altitude : 163 m                        max: 77 m
Today's Spending : rm 56.50            Total: rm 185.90

The plan of an early start was again denied by the rain.brent and I didn't realise it was raining until the alarm sounded at 6.30am.the rain most probably had started midnight when we still soundly asleep after yesterday ride.despite the rain, we continue to pack up and walkover to one of the many kopitiams for breakfast of noodles soup and hot coffee. By 9 am we finally set off , a little late but at least the rain has stop completely.With fresh cool air on our faces,the feeling is Great!! Still on route 1 , the 1st town we passed is Gurun and then we stop for lunch in Alor Star at a malay restauran that served nasi kampung.Brent loves the pineapple cut in shape of a ring cooked in curry.With a full stomach and a hot mid-day sun over our heads,we continue rather slowly on a broad road showder built especially for motocycles. From here, the road changed from route 1 to 7 and it remains all the way to Kangar. Brent tried to test ride my recumbent but was unsucessful as his legs is too long to obstruct the movement of handlebar.By 4 pm ,we checked into manchang hotel,a rather small room with aircon but shared bathroom for Rm42. Managed to watch the world cup quater final match between brazil and Nederland but only on 2nd half - overslept due to tireness.
                                                       Posting in Alor Star town square
                                                          State mosque in Alor Star
                                               Brent enjoying lunch in Alor Star
                                               Our next stopover Kangar 15 km away
                                          Antique Honda C70 motocycles in Kangar
                                              Our Hotel Man Cheong in Kangar
                                                Small room no space for our bikes

Day 04 Thu 01/07 - Rainy Start from Penang to Sg Petani

Today Distance : 51.1km                   Total Distance : 185.1km
Today's Temp : 24 - 32c
Average Speed : 20.2 kmh               max: 56.0
Time On Bike : 2 hr 31 mins
Average Climb : 1%                         max: 2%
Total Altitude : 64 m                       max: 70 m
Today's Spending : rm 52.5             Total: rm 129.40

What a wet start on our 1st day of riding together! After staying 3 nights in Penang,I am itching to get on the bike and start cranking with Brent, the plan to meet up early by 7 in the morning at the jetty did not materialise cos' Brent has to replace his handlebar and stem in order to fix his handlebar bag. The bicycle shop only open at 10.30am, when everything done it's already 12 noon. Brent's girlfriend Bella came to the jetty to say goodbye and good luck. We have lunch at the mainland . The sky started to gather black cloud and soon enough ,the rain started until too heavy that we took shether in a Petronas statation, hardly 15km of riding. Anyhow we move on when the rain starts to thin out and raincover over the pannier bags . but dirty rain water still splashing from the road when a truck zoom past. It was already 4pm by the time we rode into Sg Petani and we decided to call it a day in a Duta budget hotel near the bus station.Quite satisfied with the room, spacious,clean with aircon and attached bathroom,all for a mere Rm 63.
                                   Brent replacing his handlebar and stem in CCI bike shop

                                                       Ready to take the ferry across

          One of the rundown building in Sg Petani. if you have no money to stay ,this is the place!!!!

                                  Duta budget hotel where we stay, highly recomemded

                             With brent in the room, very spacious with our bikes wheeled inside
                                         HSBC bank in Sg Petani with a colonial building