Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 89 Fri 24/09 - Xia Guan 下关 to Ancient City of Dali 大理古城

Today Distance : 23.4 km        Total : 4589.2 km
Today Weather : 20 - 28C      Sunny
Time On Bike : 1 hr  36 min
Ave Speed : 14.5 kmh             Max : 26.5 kmh
Ave Climb : 2 %                       Max : 3 %
Trip Altitude : 104 m                Max : 1990 m
Today Spend : 154 rmb             Total : 1140 rmb

Knowing it will be a short ride to Dali, I started off a little later than normal on a very wide,flat and smooth road. Along this short distance road to the city,I noticed that everything is so orderly,clean and beautiful,the plants and flowers by the roadside were well maintained, the streets so clean with hardly any rubbish, a very big contrast between a tourist town and a normal town.I had heard so much about Dali back home, and since this is my first time here, what Dali has to offer, hopefully will not be disappointing.Dali is a big city! but my target as well for all other tourists, is at the ancient city located some 18 km north from the city, around the beautiful Lake Erhai  . After having a quick breakfast of beef noodles in a Muslim shop, the friendly woman owner provided all the information I needed, I started the ride on a well tarmac road, from here I say goodbye to G320 road which continues going west, instead now I am heading north on a new road G214.On my right is the lowland where the Lake Erhai is, and the left is the towering Mt Cangshan. The mountain slope is where the ancient city lies. There is a gentle climb of about 500m before you came to one of the many gate entrances where many of the tour buses parked. I found one of the hotel just nearby and promptly paid for 2 nights stay, just love the room with teak wood furnitures and its cosy enviroment . The lady initially asked for 80 yuan per night, I managed to bargain down to 70 yuan and paid 140 yuan  for 2 nights. There is no entrance fee to this touristic ancient city, so overall I am happy so far.

                                      Towards the beautiful clean city of dali
                                                      Are they Chinese or Westerner ?
                                                        The Train station in Dali
                                          Green city park, well maintained and clean
                                          Stylish entrance gate of a housing project
                                   Tourism billboard on the Lake Erhai and the Mt Cangshan

         The very standard building colours of Dali - grey roofs with white walls

                                         500 m gentle climb to the ancient city of Dali

A section of the ancient city with Mt Cangshan at the back
Gate entrance for tourist
My hotel  
                                                  With a very traditional Chinese garden
She is camera shy....
                                                  Love this room 140 yuan for 2 nights