Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 02/03 Tue/Wed 29/30/06 - Relexing at the Gurney Drive seafront

Ride distance: 0                                    total:134km
2 days spending:   rm 50.30 + 28.10     total: rm 78.40

Yes, no riding for these 2 days,only eating,internet and of course watching world cup at the local favarite Kafe restauran Mr. Pot . I was watching the game between Japan and Paraquay.Being asian ,I supported Japan after South Korean was knockout earlier. But luck was not with them after playing well for 120 min.they lost out on penalty shootout . But the Japanese can walk tall with their heads held high. Can our country Malaysia do that.I really hope one day will come when we can shout loudly Malaysia Boleh!!! Earlier before the game at the same restaurant, my relative in Penang had treated me with a delicious dinner of BBQ chicken with spaghetti and we had a really good conversation. Thanks a lot to Mr/Mrs Johnny Ming and son Adrian. Tomorrow will start the ride from the mainland into Thailand with Brent.
                                 Dinner with my relative Mr/Mrs Johnny Ming and son Adrian

                                   Famous landmark at the Gurney Drive roundabout sponsor by IJM

                                     View of the seafront from 9th floor of Grand View condo

                                      Thanks to Anne for 3 nights stay in this nice room