Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 87 Wed 22/09 - Shaqiaozhen Camp to Xia Zhuangzhen

Today Distance : 47.0 km        Total : 4472.2 km
Today Weather : 18 - 32C      Cloudy
Time On Bike : 4hr  26 min
Ave Speed : 10.5 kmh             Max : 41.0kmh
Ave Climb : 4%                       Max : 21%
Trip Altitude : 612 m                Max : 2353 m
Today Spend : 60 rmb          Total : 925.0 rmb

A sudden unexpected rain in the early hour of 3.30am woke me up from my tent. The rain was not too heavy, but because my tent was set up at the lower end of the cement walkway, the rain water flows slowly and gather around the base of my tent. As I was busy cleaning up the water and rearranged my staff. The guesthouse owner came with a torch to my rescue by opening one of the room, so that I can shift all my staff and the tent inside to continue my sleep in a warm, comfortable dry bed. A big TQ from the bottom of my heart to this kind man, moment like this always warm my heart,I might be travelling solo on a wild foreign land,but I knew I am not alone, somehow or rather the feeling of some helping souls are following behind, watching ,they will be there to help in trying situations. It is with this positive believe that keeps me going,,,,again and again...trip after trip with my bicycle.I took the opportunity of the early sun to dry up my wet staff and only able to hit the road by 11 am . The climb continues on gravel road to 2353m, before a short downhill to a town called Xia Zhuang. I prefer to stay in a hotel so that I can continue to clean up and reorganise my staff due to the rain. After checking in the 30 yuan Cheng Yu hotel , I went for a walk in the street for dinner, saw many children are celebrating "mid autumn day" or full moon with many different design of colourful lanterns. A scene that hardly can be seen back home. I realised that I left my camera in the room, so you readers, no luck !!
                                                           Entering Dali province
                                                            A scenic lake view
                                            Passing thru' a small town-Yunnanyi
                                                 A short downhill after the climb
Taking a rest after the tough climb
Xia Zhuang toll gate
                                           Celebrating moon cake far from home
                                                       30 yuan hotel room in Xia Zhuang