Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 79 Tue 14/09 - Hekou to Jinsha He Homestay

Today Distance : 58.7 km      Total : 4100.7 km

Today Weather : 25 - 31C    Dizzling all day
Time On Bike : 3 hr  37 min
Ave Speed : 16.2 kmh       Max : 49.5 kmh
Ave Climb : 2%           Max : 10%
Trip Altitude : 443 m     Max : 292 m
Today Spend : 22 rmb   Total : 131 rmb

I was in two minds on whether to ride or stay for another day due to continuous rain started last night till this morning. The hotel checkout time is 12 noon and all my stuffs half packed waiting for the rain to stop. At the same time watching the many tv channels, you will never get bored if you understand mandarin. They even has a channel only for fishing. A tv set in the room, will be one of my priorities in my future accomodation in China. The sky finally open up a little and the rain stopped. At 10.30am I am on the road again. There is an expressway to Kunming but no access for bicycle, so I had to opt for a smaller road, riding along side with the Red river and the railway line. Great scenery of tropical forest, with plantations of rubber trees, bananas and pipeapple as the main crops cultivated in this hilly region. No big climb today but was told there is one, about 20km long climb before the town of Pingbian. Well, save this climb for tomorrow as I happily settled in a homestay provided by Mr and Mrs Teng. They have a few workers to take care the rubber/pipeapple/bananas plantations. My room is located upstair seems to be vacant for sometimes, a thin layer of dust can be seen on the surface of the matress. No tv but at least there is a bulb and a stand fan to help keep the mosquitos away.According to Mr Teng, there is only 2-3 families living here, not a town and not even a village, no facilities of any sort. So naturally, he invited me to join them and the workers for a home cooked dinner.

Bananas planted on the hillslope

Great scenery

Ping Bian 95 km My destination
Bridge across the tropical greens
Lonely cyclist on this lonely country road
Close encounter with this pouring water
A bicyle...a river... and a railway track
How I wish my house has this pouring waterfall
Disappointed rain shelter on a smelly toilet

Entering Ping Bian county from Hekou where I overnight
Room at top of the stairs with my big sleeping bag
Home cooked dinner with Mr Teng's family