Thursday, June 24, 2010

Preparations and Packings - Getting Excited!!!!

                                  I am almost ready...........
Bike equipment:
1 short wheel base (swb) Taiwan made rucumbent ,above steering handle bar mounted with MC1.0 cyclometer able to read temperature & altitude, rightside mirror, bell , torchlight and watercage.MSR bottle at the front boom and a 1.5L water bottle cage under the seat.
1 pair of Orthlieb waterproof 40L panniers mounted on both sides of a modified rack just under the seatback. These bags will keep things that are not use during the ride eg: sleeping bag/mat,clean cloths,spare tire/extra spare tubes,stove,toiletries etc...
1 Merida saddle bag with raincover and zip compartment on both sides,mounted on the rear rack. Tent,ground sheet and fly folded into square shaped to fit in the top compartment ,wheares things that you need to use during the ride will go into the sides compartment like food,raincoat,map,handpump,tubes,fruits etc.. Tent poles will be tied on the rear rack. 20" front spare tire secured on top compartment with tape wrapped around to avoid direct sun .
1 twbent handcarry back with 2 side pocket for 2 plastic water bottles . This beg insert into the top part of the seat and usually carry things like camera,money,biscults,chocolet,map etc...
Bike tools and spares:
 Multitools, allen-keys, tire-levers, spoke-key, brush (for chain), grease, lube, 26''spare tire foldable (1) tubes (2), 20" spare tire (1) tubes (2), puncture repair kit, chain links, spare brake/gearshift cables (4) spare spokes with nipples,1 set brake pads, duck tape, footpump cable ties and extra screws/nuts.

cycling long pants (2) ,cycling T shirt (2)  camp/street shorts (2) , arm/leg-warmers (2) , superlight wind breaker, rainproof jacket and pants, cycling gloves (2), cycling socks (2), sleeping socks (2) regular lightweight t-shirts (2), underwear (3),  mtb shoes (with SPD), croc sleepper (1), helmet, under helmet hat,  sunglasses.

Cooldman dome tent, sleeping mat, thermarest, groundsheet, sleeping bag, air pillow, multi-fuel stove (msr dragon fly with windshield and repair kit), fuel bottle, lighters, pots (2), mug, knife-fork-spoon,cup ,dishcloth and sponge, wet tissue for cleaning.

Toiletries and medicines:
Towels, toothbrush, toothpaste,skin lotion, soap,powder, shaver , small mirror, sun-screen, mosquito head net, washing-powder, sewing kit, mini scissors, plasters, painkiller, antibiotic,dierrhae etc...

Digital camera (Lumix 2 AA batteries), SD-cards (2 GB x2), SD-card reader,external hard dish 450gb with usb cable, mobile phone and charger, rechargeable batteries (2) and charger, maps, paper notebook and pen.

Documents and money:
passport with photocopies and extra photos, ID card, driving licence, credit and debit cards