Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 83 Sat 18/09 - Short Ride to Kunming

Today Distance : 11.5 km          Total : 4164.2  km
Today Weather : 24 - 32C        Sunny Blue Sky
Today Spend : 276 rmb         Total : 438.0 rmb

It's only 11km to the Kunming city . Bought a new bike mirror at one of the motor shop for 5 yuan. The old one was discovered broken inside the luggage compartment after arriving at the bus station last night. Riding without a side mirror on a recumbent is not only dangerous but also a constant stress on my neck, due to the laid back seating position of the recumbent. After having fixed the mirror, I continued to pedal following the main road heading west, not in a hurry to look for guesthouse, so I make frequent stops at some places of interest. The last time I visited Kunming was some 10 years back . Backpacking with another 4 girls, took a transits flight from Singapore to Kunming, overnight and another bus to Chengdu the next day. Join a local tour package on bus to Jiuzaigou/ Huang Long/Song Pan. It was indeed a very memorable scenic trip.This time on bike with a more relax and closer look at this big touristic city. Many electric motorbikes and electric bicycles sharing the designated side lane, Those seen still on human powered bicycles are mainly sport cyclists and the hardcore poor. On one occasion while I was resting, One mtb cyclist obviously attracted by my recumbent, came approaching in mandarin " Ni hao! where you from? " After a short friendly conversation, he let me to his usual bike shop where I met the owner Mr Cheah. On his advice, I changed the rear rim, service the chain and tuning for 128 yuan , real cheap! Later he helps me to look for hotels, the budget ones don't take foreigners, so the cheapest one ( Pastrol Hotel) is also not cheap for 100 yuan. A very heavy burden on my pocket. I am certainly leaving tomorrow.
                                                Approaching the city over a flyover
                           Smile please.... Only 11 km for today's ride !!!
                                  Mr Cheah's High end bike shop in Kunming
                                      Changed to a new rim - Alexrim DA16
My dinner in Kunming 16 yuan
Pastrol Hotel 100yuan