Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 10 Wed 07/07 - Khlong Thom Hot Spring - Ao Nang Beach

Total Distance : 65.2km                      Total: 684.1km                                                                          Today's Temp : 28 - 38c                                                                                                                     Average Speed : 19.2                         max: : 48.0                                                                                       Time On Bike : 3 hr 24  min                                                                                                                     Average Climb : 1%                            max: 6%                                                                                       Total Altitude : 268m                          max: :66m                                                                                Today's Spending : 382 baht               Total :2300 baht

Past few days had been cycling in a very hot weather and I drank the most water in a day never before in my life, easily 5-6 litres!There is no shortage of foods and drinks along the way and it is great that both of us are eating well.From Khlong Thom to Krabi is 32km,but we gave the Krabi town a miss and straight we rode to the famous Ao Nang Beach.This is my 2nd visit here but for Brent,the 1st timer wanted to enjoy the beach that he loves so much.We arrived at the beach quite early at 12.30 pm, so we had lots of times to look for budget hotels, the 1st one we asked 950baht , we grab the 2nd one at 400baht

Colourful Thailand

                                                     You name it
                             Lunch stop

Giant limestone rock on the way to Krabi
Ao Nang Beach - low season !!
Our resort hut in Ao Nang

Very nice cosy room for 400 baht

Day 09 Tue 06/07 - Trang to Khlong Thom Hot Spring

Total Distance : 109.5km              Total: 618.9km                                                                             Today's Temp : 28 - 38c                                                                                                                      Average Speed : 20.5                   max: : 59.5                                                                                            Time On Bike : 5 hr   19 min                                                                                                              Average Climb : 1%                      max: 10%                                                                                          Total Altitude : 411m                     max: :119m                                                                                       Today's Spending : 556 baht         Total :1918 baht

The ride from Trang to Khlong Thom geothermal hot spring was rather disappointed.The place was not like what we expected from the earlier research from the net.Furthermore,being foreigner we had to pay 90baht.3x more than the locals.There are 2 man make crystal pools and another one natural hot flowing pool where it flows thru' few steps and eventually into the river.The temp was just warm,not too hot for us to dip inside for a refreshing clean up after a long ride. We initially had set our mind camp here,but was told not allow.Later Brent found out the reason why , because there are chalets for rent but was too pricey 600baht,another reason for a NO, is the mosquitoes here were fierce and big ,the pain was unbearable, so we decided to cycle back to The Sweet Dream resort which we saw when on the way in. This resort runs by an old couple with very basic rooms for 250baht.We are not complaining as what we need most now is a bed to sleep and a bath to clean.Dinner was at 150m away at a local thai restaurant,we ordered the same dishes as the next table b'cos it looks very appetising - Fish tom yam and wild squirrel meat fried in traditional thai curry.A very satisfying and stomach full meal for 270baht

Riding out from Trang

Quiet countryside ride out of Trang
Our lunch on the way
Both of us had a flat almost at the same time
Khlong Thom Crystal bond , the warm pool helps us to refresh
Emerald Pool
Riding out from hot spring to look for accommodation
And found this Sweet Dream "Resort"
The expensive Dinner so far 270 bath

Day 08 Mon 05/07 - Rest Day In Trang

 Today's Spending : 449 baht    Total Spending  : 1362 baht

Decided to have a rest day after a 4 days of continuous riding for a total of 375km.It is the best time to reorganise,recharge and reenergise. Also took the opportunity to update the blog,so friends at home especially the ttk knows that I am ok and sound.We will continue our journey tomorrow if Brent cold is not causing anymore problem to him.
                                                     Relax at the  Hotel balcony in Trang
                        Night market in Trang,plenty of good foods
                       BBQ fish
                               And lots of tropical fruits
                    Live Band performing at the Train station
                                    That's our Dinner