Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 54 Fri 20/08 - Forced to Stay another Day in Luang Prabang

Today Distance : 21.3 km      Total : 3073.6 km
Today Weather : 26 - 33C     Sunny and Hot in the Day
Today Spend : 237000k          Total : 1511000k

Made a big silly mistake today of trying to replace a new Shimano SLR rear derailleur to my worn out Sram F7. The bicycle shop near my guest house has some high end derailleurs, and the half past 6 owner told me its ok to replace and is willing to offer a discount from 450000k to 300000k,plus a workmanship of 30000k. I thought its a good deal and agreed. The fixing is no problem, but when comes to tuning, they are nuts that includes ME as well. Excuses of : your grid shifter no good lah; your gear bracket also worn out lah..etc..etc . They spent almost 2 hrs on tuning, seems to be better, unhappy though I paid and starts the ride. Hardly 8 km , I decided to turn back to Luang Prabang! No way I can continue to ride with this new derailleur especially telling when on a climb. If I don.t turn back and do something, I will be stuck!! Back to the same guest house for another day, with all the bags unloaded, I went back to the same shop asking for a refund and fix back the used derailleur. After much arguments, both parties agreed on a refund of 200000k. A good lesson on silly me costing 100000k!!!
Lao " mechanic "

Badly worn out derailleur ( sharp )