Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 86 Tue 21/09 - Chu Xiong to Guesthouse Camp 10km after Shaqiaozhen

Today Distance : 85.0 km        Total : 4425.2 km
Today Weather : 18 - 35C      Sunny Blue Sky
Time On Bike : 6 hr 42 min
Ave Speed : 12.6 kmh             Max : 56.5 kmh
Ave Climb : 3%                       Max : 10%
Trip Altitude : 978 m                Max : 2319 m
Today Spend : 55.5 rmb          Total : 865.0 rmb

A short ride into the city of Chu Xiong for breakfast. I was attracted by a Muslim lamb noodle restaurant which I haven't got the chance to try since entering China. Never want to miss it this time, what with my stomach already screaming for food.. food...and more the end, I must say that " this is the best noodles so far ". Not only the soup is tasty, the lamb meat also very fresh & tender, and you get more surprise that it cost only 3.5 yuan. Strongly recommended if you were planning a trip here. Nan Hua is the next big town where I had lunch for 17 yuan . I saw many stalls selling moon cakes, so this reminded me that the "mid-autumn" celebration, bought 2 pcs for 4 yuan, one to eat on the way and another maybe in camp or guesthouse. Weather has been kind to me so far, no rains but blue sunny sky. Not much sweating even on the climbs. The road G320 turns really bad after the town of Shaqiaozhen and worse, it lasted for 10 km on a continuous steep climb to a max. altitude of 2319m. There are roadside guesthouses but many of them are already out of business. The owners told me that G320 was once very busy and prosperous, that is before  the expressway G56 was built. Sensing the need to camp, no rice to cook but is ok with 2 package of instant noodles and one can of black bean fish for dinner. Once decided, the next will follow..soon there is a row of guesthouses on my left and a concrete house with a big compound on the right. As usual ,not a soul  was seen around but all the guesthouses were padlocked. I happily setup my tent on the cemented corridor floor and had myself bathe at the outside water hose. Then out of no where, a man aged 60+ was standing near with a surprise look. Sensing he could be the owner, politely I told him the whole scenario and seek approval to camp. True enough he is the owner of the guesthouses and lived alone in  the big concrete house opposite. He wanted to open one of the room to let me stay free, but I politely turn down the offer cos' I already had my tent up.Instead he invited me to his house for dinner, simple dinner but i ate the most, this is one way of showing my appreciation and gave a positive impression of " See, your food is delicious !" After the dinner chat, I came to know he has 2 daughters working outstations, come back only on festivals but did not mention about his wife, I think he must be happy to find a company to at least talk to. Before back to my tent, he gave me a thermal flush of hot water, Yeah.. no need even to boil water with my stove, to enjoy some hot coffee tonight.
             Chu Xiong - Beautiful with its mirror clean river and red flower
                                           A scholar bronze statue ( no name can't recognise him)
                                               Another view of Chu Xiong
                                               Local angles fishing on the river
                                                   Way to go - G320 Nan Hua
                                                         Bicycle friendly I guess....
                                                  Roundabout in Chu Xiong               

                               Inside the beautiful tower is the market in Nam Hua
                           Surprise to know that Malaysia's roast duck is so famous here
                                               Tough gravel climb after Nam Hua

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                                                Expressway G56 climbing the hill
                                              View from the top of G320 old road
 Depleted roadside guesthouses on G320 where I camped with a water hose for bathe
                                   Concrete big house with a lonely old man
                                               Two lonely men happy to find company
                                           Thermal flush of hot water inside the tent

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