Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 90 Sat 25/09 - Soak in the Ancient city of Dali

Today weather : 18 - 28C      Sunny
Today Spend   : 107.5 rmb   
Total Spend     : 1247.5 rmb

Today walked 5 km to the famous landmark of ancient Dali - The Chongsheng Temple & The Three Pagoda 崇圣寺三塔. But the entrance fee is far too expensive at 121 rmb, still I can still get a good look from outside the compound. No cycling today, so just sit back and enjoy more photos

                                               I couldn't resist to take a shot on her
Colourful paintings and souvenirs shop
                                                  Wu Hua Pagoda built in the year 865
                    Those who knows mandarin....on the history of Wu Hua Pagoda
                  Pedestrian walkway view from the top of Wu Hua Pagoda

                                           Walk with your eyes open 
                                                         Traditional ancient shops
                                          So old that even grass find living on the roof
                                               Fresh veggie on display
                                       And the hanging meat at the Muslim shop
                                                   A dedicated street for the westerners

                          The Wall that surround the ancient city of Dali
               At the entrance of the Chongsheng Temple & the Three Pagoda
                  National 4A tourist attraction, so pay 121rmb if you want to go in
                                                Shot taken separated by a glass wall
                                          Shot taken outside at the car park
                                                           Stalls outside
                                                             A city of Buddhism
                                                    Symbol of Dali _ Golden Phoenix