Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 17 Wed 14/07 - Pangrattana Resort to Tungsang Beach Camp

Today Distance: 107.4 km           Total: 1226.8km

Today Temp : 25 - 37c
Time on Bike : 5 hr 30 min
Ave Speed : 19.4 kmh              Max: 62.0 kmh
Ave Climb : 1%                        Max: 9%
Altitude: 447 m                         Max: 175m
Today spending : 447 baht       Total: 5559 baht

The highlight for today's ride was a surprise,unexpected camping at the Tungsang Beach,12km to the town of Thong Maha.By 4.30pm,our cyclometer had clocked 100km and we were anxiously looking for place to stay,we came across a shop with a wooden signboard written " tourist information". So we stop to check it out, the shop pregnant lady speaks fairly well English. " No resort nearby! there is resort 20km ahead or you back track 4km " For a moment,Brent and I were undecided,I suggested to the lady " Can we put up our tents in your compound?" She replied " There is a beautiful beach nearby,you can can camp there!!" and then her husband was willing to take us by his motorbike. "Great,Sawadee Cup!!" to show our appreciation,we bought some stuffs from the shop and off we go,happily following him.The beach was very quiet,no other visitors except some local boys catching fish with their small boat. The sea water is crystal clear with very fine sand.After pitching our tents ,yes for the very 1st time!! We went for a swim in The Gulf of Thailand.

                      Crossing now from the west to the east coast of Southern Thailand

                       Passing many small towns while Brent check out on the tourist map
                           We misses a small road and ended up on the Highway 4

                                 One of the many Thai Buddist temple
                         The very friendly and helpful couple who offer tourist informations
                         Tungsang Beach      
                                                    My 1st camping on the beach

Day 16 Tue 13/07 - Ranong to 40km from Chumphon

Today Distance: 87.9 km            Total: 1119.4 km

Today Temp : 25 - 32c
Time on Bike : 4 hr 48 min
Ave Speed : 18.3 kmh                Max: 56.0 kmh
Ave Climb : 2%                          Max: 22%
Altitude: 566 m                           Max: 171m
Spending : 448 baht                   Total: 5313 baht

Our target destination from Ranong to Chumphon did not achieve.The total distance is 125km , but we only did 88km,fell short of 40km.There may be several reasons for the early stop.One of them is Brent seems not in the mood to cover the whole distance,he told me during one of the rest stop,and may lookout for resort to stay. The other reason,I had caught a bad flu,with sour throat and irritating running nose two days ago. I realised that cycle touring in tropical South East Asia is very much different from the temperate Europe. Here,you tired faster due to the heat and humidity,the amount of sweat lost from the body,further drains your energy sooner.The only solution is to drink and eat as much as you can! Today's accommodation was rather unexpected with Brent eagerly looking for one,he spotted a "resort" written in very small letters on the wooden board on other side of the road. A quick u-turn across a small stream,then up a very steep 22% climb on a cemented path over 100m.The well hidden resort has 4 units of small bungalows and cost 300baht no aircond. Small to bikers standard,but we love the artistic design of the wood crafting skill.The owner leads us to nearby restaurant for dinner of fish tom yam,fried eggs and veges with porks and a bottle of Leo beer.

                         On our way to Chumphon but fell short of 40km
                    The hard climb on a very smooth and wide new road
                          And the greenery ,the far end over the canal is Myanmar
                                    Stopping at the road side small waterfall
                                  Is our Malaysian waterfall better than this?
                                            Contruction on the under pass
                                  The end of an express bus
                                Our usual rest stop for foods nad drinks by the road side
                               Looking over to the Myanmar side across the river
                                     Just 100m away,so near yet so far!!
                                       Kra Isthmus historical landmark
                                                    The historical story
                         The hard push to the Pangrattana Resort up on the hill
                                    The 4 units of hidden mini bungalows

                                    We love the wooden crafting skill
                                    And the highlight - a pot of spicy fish tom yam